A Fascination: Words

Thank you, Lord, for words.  They fascinate me though they’ve been there forever.  Seriously, you used words when you spoke all of creation into existence.  (And SPEAKING creation into existence?  Sound fascinates me, too.  But more on that later.)  And analogies are cool, like an ice cube.  I like using them and it makes me smile when others use really good ones.  I just re-read this blog of mine, and it made me smile inside, like when one is so excited about something, but she’s in a public place and would look like a fool if she shouted out.  (That actually happens to me a lot.)  Words are great.  Like when a word sounds like another and causes momentary confusion.  “What? Your pants are on fire, so you have to go to the mall?”  “No. My uncle’s gonna retire, so we’re going up north in the fall.”

It really does bother me when someone texts me and uses grammar and words all wrong.  For example: “r u comin to” or “why u going”.  There are a few things wrong: Punctuation.  It is a part of this language, is it not?  Grammar.  It, too, is a part of this wonderful language.  Unfortunately, many are forgetting a concept they never quite cared about in school.  Now, I don’t mind abbreves, I think they’re fun (see here), but using letters instead of short words is a bit…I don’t know…annoying?  I confess I am one to uses full words in all my texting.  Instead of sending a question mark when I am asking, “Huh?” I will send a text that says, “Question mark?”

I love codes.  It’s like throwing a loop in the system we call English and adding an extra step.  I not only enjoy converting letters to numbers, but I like pictures and symbols representing letters.  They’re fun.  My sisters came up with a code once using a tic-tac-toe board and a giant “X”.  I use that code quite frequently.  I don’t think they use it anymore, but I do!  I love writing coded messages, though I don’t do that much anymore.   This is my favorite code…can YOU translate?

Along with my fascination of words, I like to write.  And, you know how I briefly mentioned my fascination with sound?  I am, after all, an unashamed music nerd and a music major.  Well, I’m better at dialogue than descriptions.  I just realized that the other day.  But, I am developing my writing on the side of all other business of my life.  I actually started a story this month that wasn’t of my typical sappy writing style.  I have discovered that when you’re writing for Jesus, you can write lots of different ways!  (Action is fun to write, and to read.)

Alright, so this was a rambly-type blog, touching on a few different things, but focusing on one: word fascination.  No, I don’t use five-dollar words in everyday conversation, and I still have trouble spelling, but words are pretty cool.

I think this is the start of what will probably be a series of blogs, just because I’m fascinated by a lot of things.  I woke up this morning, and I’m like, “Thanks, God, for words.  They’re cool.”

=)^2 smiling squared, Anna

What kinds of things fascinate you?

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