Almost-the-End of Project Poem

So, the Transition Banquet is tomorrow, and staff is gone on Sunday.  It’s been a great summer, staffing the Summer Project I was on last year!  I’ve learned to embrace just who God made me and I’ve been realizing God’s heart for the nations.  It’s been great!  So.  In reflection with the Lord, I wrote this poem and this prayer.. =)


I know why you called me here, two summers in a row.

It helped in your plan to teach me and help me grow.

I may not like “the city” but I love the people here.

Though I’m just a small town girl, you’ve got my listening ear.

You’ve chosen me to represent you.

You live through me so you can move.

You show me my brokenness to remind me only you can.

But you delight in the daughter of yours I am.

I’m learning every day, and I pray I do forever.

I pray you continually use me to make lives better.

Only you can save and rescue your people.

You who built the church before it had a steeple.

Keep directing us all to the cross,

Keep reminding us that without you, we’re lost.

I pray for the brokenness of this earth,

This place that was broken way before Jesus’ birth.

I pray that many relationships are found with you,

I want everyone to experience you way more than I do!

I pray for the nations that seem so far away.

I pray that they’ll be rescued and listen to what you’ve got to say.

I praise you for your heart and who you’ve always been,

I rejoice that with you in the driver’s seat, we too can win!

Lord, you are awesome and I will never forget,

All the good you’ve done and that you paid my debt!

This poem is getting longish but I could go on and on.

I could write of you forever, and sing of you in every song!

Be with all who read this as they go through their day.

In Jesus’ name I conclude and I pray.


Written by Anna Olson, 6-29-12.

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