The Light

You have trouble seeing darkness

When you’re living in the light.

But then a shadow scares you;

It captures your fright.

You think you’ve lost God’s face,

Though he’s still holding you.

When you turn around,

You see how he is true.


You have trouble seeing the light,

From the flashlight that you’re holding,

When from behind there’s brightness,

That’s always there and guiding.

Then someone points to your flashlight,

Which you’ve forgotten about in your hand.

Then you see how the light behind you,

Is shining through it so grand.


I love to see the light,

Shine through others near me.

I know this source of brightness;

It’s God, don’t you see?

When we walk together,

Through the darkness holding hands,

None can stay in darkness,

For we are a jubilant band!

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