A Psalm (4)

David was anointed as king, but it took so long!

He did this and he did that, what was wrong?

David needed to learn a thing or two before the promise fulfilled.

He didn’t realize it at the time, but it was what God willed.

David ran from Saul, who tried to take his life.

But God was David’s stronghold throughout his strife.

Even when he stumbled, he turned to his God.

No one could say David was fraud.

“Search my heart,” he’d cry, “and clean me up!”

God looked upon him who praised and overflowed his cup.

Often, David wrote non-rhyming psalms to the Lord;

He learned trust and delight beyond riches he could afford.


I confess, Lord, that I don’t always hear your promise.

I put words in your mouth or question like doubting Thomas.

But I do know that you speak to me as I need to hear it.

When you tell me and I hear, I try and submit.

You never promised you’d heal me of MS while I was here;

But you promised you’d help me out and always be near.

You never promised me I’d find true love, like what I read in books.

But you did tell me to not settle, and you showed me how yours looks.

You never promised it’d be easy, in fact, you told us all it wouldn’t.

But you told us all you’d be there, to help us do what we couldn’t.


Lord, grant me patience, for it is your will I wait upon.

In the meantime you supply my need, like a mighty warrior given brawn.

Take my worry, Father; I know you are in control.

You are my strength and the lover of my soul.

You are my hero when I cry out like a damsel in distress;

Every day you make clean everything I make a mess.

Every day is a new adventure when I talk with you;

All the time, you work in me, showing me something new.


Father God, you’re everything I’d been looking for;

You are everything I need and so much more!

You give me the words and you’ve given me this passion;

I praise you that I can write for you in such a fashion!

You bring me salvation, life, and light.

You are forever my God, forever my love, and forever my delight.


In Jesus’ name I lift all these words to God,

Praising him and giving glory to him who leaves me awed.


Anna =)^2

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