What I See

I see Jesus, and I’m focused on HIM.  Though there is motion all about, His eyes stay locked with mine.  And He’s smiling.  When He sees me, He sees nothing and nobody else.  Jesus doesn’t GET distracted!   But even if I do, He’s patient and waits for me to look His way.  Sometimes, if I’m trying to look for Him in the crowd, He’ll cup my chin and assure me that He is there and isn’t going anywhere!

When I’m not sure where I’m going, I see the hand of my Lord, reaching for mine.  I take it, trusting in Him with my all, letting Him lead me.  He assures me that He’ll be with me always, in whatever I do and wherever I go.  So I trust.

I see my Heavenly Father, looking at the child He’s cradling in his arms with love and tenderness.  That child is me.  And you.  Even when we mess up or stray from Him, He has tenderness and loving compassion in his gaze toward us always.  It hurts Him when we look away, but He has no more anger toward the sins He’s forgiven.  In Christ Jesus, we ARE forgiven!  God is never surprised or disappointed when you do something, because surprise and disappointment both imply that one didn’t know about it beforehand.  But He already knows, and He has a wonderful plan to follow.  Sometimes the plan includes discipline, because our Heavenly Father is the perfect parent.  He knows what will make us better people, because God’s concern isn’t our comfort—it’s our character!


These are the images I see when I think of my Lord and Savior; my hero; my Heavenly Father.  They are recurring, and they are consistent with God’s character, so I know they’re from Him.  What do you see?

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