Remembering Jesus (The Lord’s Supper)

“I remember when Jesus called us to follow him.”

“Yeah!  It was crazy!  He said he’d send us out to fish for people.  I had no idea what he was talking about, but I wanted to follow him!”

“I remember when Jesus started healing the sick and casting out demons.”

“Dude, like the time when that guy with leprosy went right up to him and literally begged Jesus to heal him?  I was so shocked when he did!”

“Jesus was always been full of surprises.  But it was good.  I remember when the Pharisees would keep trying to trick Jesus.  But Jesus was sassy—he never fell for anything!”

“Made them think twice, he did.  He was good at that.”

“I remember Jesus’s stories.  I liked when he’d explain them to us later, too.”

“Remember that time when Jesus transfigured?  It was you, Peter, and James and me.”

“Yeah, and then Peter just babbled something stupid.”

“Hey, it was an awkward moment.  I panicked.”

“Haha, hey Peter, remember that time when Jesus came walking on water, and when you tried, you doubted and almost drowned?”

“Hey now.  I didn’t see you taking a step of faith like that then.”

“I remember when a crowd gathered to hear Jesus teach and then he told us to get them something to eat.”

“Yeah!  And then he took that one kid’s lunch and fed 5K with it!”

“I remember when Jesus told us about his death—I just didn’t want to hear it, at first.”

“I remember the last time we had a Passover meal.  Jesus was standing right over there—yeah, like that.  Then he said that the bread was his body given for us.”

“I can’t believe he’s gone.”

“And the wine was his blood, poured out for us.”

“I remember how Jesus would do so much for us—teaching us, that we may teach others.  And now, I guess we can start being more like Jesus.”

“Yeah, taking initiative.  I remember when he told us that, too!”

“Oh man, do you remember when Mary came and told us she saw Jesus?  That he was alive?”

“That is the stupidest question I think I’ve ever heard.  Do I remember it?  Ha, that’s why I’m here.”

“To Jesus!”

“To Jesus!”


Do you ever consider the first supper after the last supper?  The disciples, just going around and talking and remembering.  Once, at a worship night I was at, we thought about this.  Then, we went around saying what WE remembered about Jesus before we partook in the sacrament of communion.

“I remember when Jesus reminded me of my identity in him, so I didn’t have to keep trying so hard.”

“I remember when Jesus told me everything was going to be alright.  Even though things didn’t look good, Jesus had it under control.”

“I remember when Jesus didn’t let me die while I was driving in traffic in Milwaukee.”

“I remember when Jesus told me to go on the summer missions trip in the first place.  And when I was there, I remember how he used it to transform my life.”

“I remember when I first had a ‘date night with Jesus.’  I think it was the best quiet time I’d ever spent with him up to that point.”

“I remember how Jesus taught and still teaches me something new all the time!  It’s crazy!”



The Lord’s Supper is about remembering Jesus.  What do you remember about Jesus?



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