Saturday Smiley: Books

There are many kinds of books.  If you have ever ventured to my page, “Anna’s Recommended Reads,” you can see some of the variety I personally like and a few of my favorite titles.  There is so much out there!  When someone says, “book,” they could be referring to a boring textbook for class or an exciting “movie-in-your-head” type.  They could be referring to a non-fiction book about a famous person in history or one of those FYI books that’s always interesting, as well.  I personally am a fan of fiction and the books typically found in the “Christian Living” section of a bookstore.  And fiction is a broad category in itself.  There are mysteries, romances, fantasy books, suspense/adventure books, and MORE.  Love it.

A word about the “Christian Living” books: I love writing in them and underlining stuff.  I just haven’t seemed to be able to try a Nook or Kindle yet because I mark up the stuff I like so much.  Kind of like the Bible—I underline what I like and what jumps out and what is convicting and what is something I’ve been struggling with and on and on (run on sentence, sorry).

A word about the “movie-in-you-head” type books:

Books Movies
Your imagination sets the story and brings it to life Can rot your brain (staring at a screen?)
Can leave a bookmark in the middle of it and walk away You get to hear the cool accents characters might have
Can re-read the last chapter to make sure you didn’t miss anything Background music
More action fits between the pages in a book Shorter to start/finish
Can hear thoughts of the main character (who’s usually telling the story) Spoofs
Stimulates brain Can multi-task while watching (I like to color)


I am bias, of course.  I had more negatives down for “movies” originally, but I crossed some stuff out.  Oh, and I hate it when books I love are made into movies.  I am ALWAYS disappointed.  In my dorm room currently, I have a case of DVDs right next to my shelf of for-fun books.  On that shelf, I have some “comfort books” and some books that are on a priority to read when I have time.  It’s unfortunate that I don’t have a lot of time to read anymore.  But once I start a book, I really don’t want to stop.  I read a lot over J-Term break because I didn’t have other homework I really should have been doing instead.  During the school year, I sometimes feel guilty when I read, because there is always a long list of things to get done.

Do you have anything to add to the “books vs movies” list?  I like movies when I want to just do nothing for a few hours and the internet is dumb, but I love reading when I have time to do so.  THUS, books are my Saturday Smiley this week!

=)^2 Anna

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