Dialogue-Only Challenge, II

So, this is my second take up of the challenge I first heard about in this blog by Limebird writer Neeks.  Yes, this was written in another of my random free-writes. I was thinking about my snowman collection my in room at home then I was thinking about the pig-barn on the farm I grew up on and then I was thinking about mudding in April in the field around our house on the 4-wheeler after it had been really wet winter but that’s not gonna be possible this year because we don’t have any snow.  And then I was just thinking about home.  This is what came of my random thinkings.  I’m not sure if it’s as easy to follow as my previous, but I thought I’d give it a try.



“I guess that’s the end of that.”

“You bet.”

“Doesn’t look like too much damage on the truck.”

“What about that bumper?”



“Do you think I need that bumper?”


“Maybe I can get it to stay.”


“Okay.  You hold this end here.  When I made it as long as the bumper is, stick it down.  We’ll just try some layers of this.”

“And if it doesn’t work?”

“It’ll work.  It’s golden!  But maybe if we wrap it around…”

“It looks like it’s staying.”

“But do you think it’ll stay when I drive it?”


“Well, we’ll do a couple more wrap-arounds.”

“And the deer?”

“Let’s pull it to the side of the road so nothing else hits it.  Too bad the rendering truck doesn’t find all the deer ‘til spring.”


“What, did you paint the bumper silver?  You did a terrible job.”

“And you could have done better?”

“Do you even have to ask?  A woman has got the touch.”

“Well, I’m sorry, dear.  Next time, before a deer jumps out onto the highway, I’ll make sure we’re closer to home.”

“What, did you use the whole roll?  How much tape did you put on here?”

“Enough.  It didn’t even move when I drove home.”

“Well, good for you.  But you’re gonna have to replace that headlight.  Get a new bulb in it, too.  Might as well get a new bumper.”

“And ruin my handiwork?”

“You’re…fine.  But cover the headlight, then.  Or tape that back together, too.”

“I really like duct tape.”

"All a farmer needs is WD-40 for when things stick and duct tape for when things are loose."


2 thoughts on “Dialogue-Only Challenge, II

  1. I love it! Right down to the couple so comfortable and picking at each other just a tiny bit. I didn’t have any problem following it, great story. How does the saying go?

    “All of life’s problems can be solved with two things—duct tape and WD40. If it moves and it shouldn’t, you need duct tape. And if it doesn’t move and it should, you need WD40.”

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