A Radical Vision

And then the images flashed before me:

Jesus, the Son of God, holding out his arms, waiting for me with a hug full of love.

God the Father, the Creator of the universe, holding me, his precious child, and gazing into my eyes, telling me so.

The Holy Spirit, who is in us all, surrounding me and filling me with peace.

Then I saw myself holding onto a rope above a vast of water.  There stood Jesus, holding the rope above me.  I grew tired.  Finally, I scurried up the rope and embraced my Savior.  “You don’t need to strive anymore,” he told me.  “What will you give me instead?”  I asked.  “Do you even have to ask?  You are here, in my arms.”  And he smiled at me.

I saw my fear, especially that of the future and of what MS could do to me.  I nailed it on the cross, with Jesus, the sacrifice and advocate of all.  I asked him what he would give me to hold onto instead.  And he gave me hope.

I saw my grandpa, crying on his knees because he lost his love, his wife of so many years.  “Be patient,” I heard.  “Wait for this.”  And the Lord promised to help me with patience.

I asked God for the healing of my body, and he has already shown me truth to beset the lies I was believing.  I remember an earlier image, one of Jesus and I fighting side by side against the enemy who so diligently tried to take control over my body’s health.  “I will never leave you,” my Jesus said to me.  And so I will keep fighting.  I will keep praying.  And I will keep in the sweet fellowship of the Spirit forever.

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