Smiley Saturday: Sisters

My sisters are my reason for smiles this week;

They are pretty awesome and pretty neat.

We make fun really sarcastically;

We play mean but we’re not, really.

We joke and tease,

We laugh and…sneeze.

They pick on me, true.

But for them it’s not hard to do.

Those two are like, telepathically connected.

I don’t always understand but I accept it.

We are sympathetic and support each other.

We proof papers and talk together.

We’ve been getting along more lately;

At least it seems that way to me.

My sisters are my heroes, the best;

The two people (my age) I’ve known longest.

From Christina giving me a piggy-back when I couldn’t walk,

To Laura and my Twitter conversations of silly talk.

We like going on real random adventures,

Some are still remembered because of the goofy pictures.

Because we grew up on a farm real rurally,

“Ladies” by now we’ll never be.

I think we turned out pretty well,

But because I’m one of them I can’t tell.

My sisters helped me become who I am now,

We taught each other while growing up somehow.

So here’s a smile to the sisters,

Who will forever come before misters!

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