Jesus is my Oxygen

Sometime, when I have long dates with Jesus, I FEEL so awesome after having learned something or hearing God’s voice to something I’ve been kind of struggling with.  You know, in a relevant did-he-just-say-what-I-think-he-said kind of way.  So, I had a date with Jesus this morning at Panera, a really awesome one (read Song of Solomon, chapter 2.  Awesome, I say!).  And then I’m like, I didn’t feel very revelation-like as I do so often when I come away from a date with Jesus.  And then, this analogy was placed in my head:

(Btw, I have asthma, so I could relate and this is probably a reason why this was the analogy in my head.  If you don’t have asthma, which I hope you don’t, it’s a pain, please use your imagination and keep an open mind as you read.)

When I’m having troubles breathing, sometimes I stop noticing the lack of a full breath so I can function normally.  But when I take my inhaler, I feel dizzy or light-headed because it’s like, BOOM!  Air.  But when I’m not having any trouble breathing, I don’t notice that, either.  ‘Cuz then it would be like, “Breathe in, oh, good job, body of mine!  That was a good one!  Breathe out.  Breathe in, woo!  Breath out.”  And that just gets annoying and I’m not blonde enough to be thinking of that all the time.  That’s what the brain stem does.  So when I’m breathing good, I take my inhaler and it’s like, okay, sweet, I’m breathing good.  Now what.  So anyway, sometimes, when I’m kind of searching for something and have had trouble hearing Jesus, I will have a date with him when I just fill up on him, and it’s like, BOOM!  He’s there, and I feel super excited.  But when I’ve been talking with God all day and focusing on him; not looking for anything, my date is like, sweet!  Now…?  But I’m still talking with God, so it’s like, continual.  Did any of you understand that analogy?

Yesterday morning, when I was driving back to school in the fog, I had a nice conversation with Jesus.  And I feel CONTENT.  I’m not searching for answers.  Yes, Jesus still reveals stuff to me and gives me a puff of oxygen.  That makes me smile always, but I could breathe before so I’m not getting dizzy or light-headed.  BOOM!  He is just awesome, all the time.

Smiling pretty much a lot, Anna =)^2

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