A Testimony: MS

Hi.  My name is Anna.  I am 21 years old, and am a junior at Augie in Sioux Falls.  I love Jesus, my friends and family, music, and writing.  I am about 5’6” with brown colored hair, although the blonde pokes out sometimes.  I have blue-green eyes and glasses but sometimes contacts.  And I have MS.  It doesn’t have me; I have it.

I have been going through a sort of struggle lately.  You see, I KNOW God has the power to do anything he wants to.  He is not magical; he is GOD.  And I’ve sorta been thinking about “healing prayer.”  Then one day last week a girl stopped me in the hall and asked if she could pray a healing prayer for the MS I have.  So I agreed.  Nothing miraculous happened, although it was a booster-upper.  Then, I was reading a book, Captivating, to be exact, and the author talked about how when she finally recognized a spiritual attack, she prayed in the name of Jesus and commanded it to leave her.  Could this MS be a spiritual attack? I thought.  So I tried it.  I noticed stiffness in my leg, so I prayed in the name of Jesus and commanded the stiffness to leave.  Well, it boosted confidence if nothing else.  I was also doing some of the things I probably should have been doing earlier (like, stretching said leg).  And then, when I went in to see my counselor this morning, she told me how I needed to take control of the MS.  She told me I needed to accept it and even embrace it as being part of me.  Then it dawned on me.  The healing I had been praying for over the last week?  Accepting.  Overcoming.  Taking back control.  WHOA!  And then I thought about it some, and Jesus was like, “Hey, Anna?  Maybe you should LISTEN.  You hate it when Dr. Pittock lectures you every 6 months when you see him.  This is what he, and Dianne, and your mom, and pretty much everyone else has been trying to get you to see.  Including ME.  Are you done ignoring us?”  And I’m like, “Yes!  Will you help me?”  And he’s like, “Duh.”  Okay, well maybe he just agreed and I interpreted it differently.  But still.

As I am still sorta struggling with this whole taking back control and accepting it thing, I would really appreciate some prayer.  And who knows what will happen when I finally DO take back control and accept it?  My application for student staffing in Milwaukee this summer has been submitted, and Kara, one of the directors who I connected with last year, is calling for a chat about it next week.  Wherever I end up this summer, I’m gonna HAVETA have the MS under control…

Smiling, Anna =)^2

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