A Music Nerd (me) at Christmas and Bananagrams

I’m a music nerd.  It’s okay; I know it (and am proud of it)!  Usually for Christmas and my birthday, I ask for some high-tech or simply awesome something for my playing (instrumental playing, not messing around playing….much).  Last year for Christmas, I got a Dr. Beat metronome.  And it’s really fun to mess around with.  To see how fast the voice can say, “one-two-three-four” or the different tones that ding or click at you.  And you have NO IDEA how much it has helped me with my practice!  It can sub-divide into eighth notes, sixteenth notes, and triplets!

But THIS year (insert chuckle), oh boy!  SO EXCITED.  I got a xylophone book, a marimba book, two shakers, and three small frame drums!!!  AND I NOW HAVE PRINT MUSIC ON MY COMPUTER!  I totally don’t mean to brag or anything, but my music nerd-ness is quite content and happy to be messing around with stuff and playing with it for the next while.

Oh, and I was using music terms while playing Bananagrams with Christina and Dad last night, I used terms like “MIDI” (a keyboard that hooks up to computer and does technical stuff); “semiquaver” (an eighth note…I only had one ‘m’ so I couldn’t make it any smaller), and “zither” (a Chinese keyboard instrument).  Christina asked why she couldn’t just use Spanish, but I told her, these words are English.  We told Viktoria last year she had to use English while playing, so it’s fair.  Oh, and Dad didn’t know what “oboe” was.  It’s a double reed instrument, in case any of you were also wondering.  So if you have a lot of vowels and a ‘b,’ there ya go.  The funniest part of Bananagrams last night was that dad had mom spell out the word “philanthropist,” and he was determined to spell out that word.  So he spelled it out, leaving blanks where letters he didn’t have went.  He eventually did spell it.  =)

Anyway, our Christmases are just beginning.  This afternoon, the Hansons will be here, and we’ll celebrate Christmas with them tomorrow.  On Wednesday, I’m leaving for TCX!  So excited.  But on Thursday, the Bredlow side will get here and they’ll leave the day and day after I get home (Sunday).  =)

Merry Christmas, everyone!  I hope your Christmas break is fun and family-filled as ours!  (And, if you are playing Bananagrams with some people and you want to use unique music terms to throw ‘em off, just let me know.  I got cha back.)

Anna =)^2

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