Smiley Saturday: My Family

So…I shall try to post a smiley consistently from now on I think (Smileys started here: ).  It’s a good idea!  (Judy from Considering the Options has Thankful Thursdays: )

So today (Christmas Eve!)’s smiley is my family!  It’s the little things, you know?  We are a very loving and totally hilarious family– I love them all! And after being home for like, a week, I can specify:

Mom makes me smile, for the little things like…making me a mocha in the morning!  And when she starts laughing after she had just taken a large gulp of something at the dinner table (I don’t know if anyone else noticed yesterday, but I was just WAITING for that water to come out her nose.  But then she swallowed it.  You can imagine my disappointment).

Dad makes me smile for his joking around, and…claiming that all this school finally taught us something when Christina and I announced last night we had one word for him: GOTABED.  (What he has been telling us every night since we were little chill’ins.)

Christina makes me smile with her completely random one-liners.  I can’t even remember anything specific, but she’s a theater major involved in an improv group at school.  You can imagine the hilariousness that surrounds her at times.

Laura makes me smile with her discrete way of saying something funny, for example: listening to a 90s station on SIRIUS on the way home from shopping last night, and turning to mom in an all-serious manner and saying: “This is my jam, mom.”  (Even though we didn’t listen to this stuff in the 90s…)

I love my family, for reasons far beyond this, and they are my smiley for today!  (IT’S CHRISTMAS EVE!)

Smiling extra, Anna =)^2

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