What if? A thinking-in-writing Blog

I feel like everyone has a goal to become a professional at what they love to do, for their name to become one that all households know in America.  I feel like the majority of Americans have had these daydreams before.  NBA/NFL?  A bestselling author or musician?  A doctor who makes world-changing discoveries?  And then comes college, where everything seems to be a competition of who is better and who will actually make money someday.  But then it’s like, “Do you have a backup plan, just in case you don’t make it?”  Always, somebody asks that question.  “You’re a music performance major?  Do you have another major or minor?  What are you gonna do?”  (Not that I’m a performance major, but lotsa my friends are, and I even admit to asking that question.)

A big problem I’ve noticed in today’s world is that while so many people want to get their own name out there and known, the name of Jesus is forgotten.  ETERNAL PERSPECTIVE.  I’ve learned about this before, but so many times I forget.  “Get behind me, Satan!” Jesus counter-rebukes Peter who rebukes him in Mark 8.  “For you are setting your mind not on divine things but on human things.”  Jesus continues later in the passage, saying, “For those who want to save their life will lose it, and those who lose their life for my sake, and for the sake of the gospel, will save it.”

I know that not everyone has made the decision to trust Christ, and it breaks my heart.  But WHAT IF.  What if we didn’t see the people who made the music but praised God for the gift of music?  What if we didn’t look at who wrote the awesome book telling a story of how God has worked in a character’s life, but only saw how God works in lives?  I will confess, I am writing this as much for me as anyone.

WHAT IF.  What if we all lived the gospel?  Lived like we’re victorious over evil (because in Christ, WE ARE)?  Lived like God is in control and we trusted him with every little detail (‘cuz he does have it under control, and we just need to let him take care of it, ANYWAY…even though that’s SO HARD)?  Lived like Jesus is coming tomorrow (because that would be SO AWESOME and it could happen)?

I have just as many struggles as anyone else.  I’m not pushing anything at you or telling you anything revolutionary, I’m just thinking out loud.  What if Jesus walked beside us everywhere?  Well, I guess, we have the Holy Spirit inside us.  It’s like asking if you’d like to be coached by Michel Jordan or have his skill inside you (I heard that analogy this week and I liked it.  Thanks, Jaden).  Ugh.  It’s so hard, though, that we have to get outta the way.  That is my biggest struggle.  So, I hope you read this and are like, “Wow, WHAT IF?  God is so awesome!”  Don’t read this and go, “Hey, Anna’s a good writer,” cuz I’m NOT.  God talks to me through my pen a lot, and I let him flow through me that way easiest.  But yeah, sometimes I get in the way (that’s why I’m not always coherent or sense-worthy and boring).  Makes ya think, huh?

Smiling in ponder at God’s awesomeness, Anna =)^2

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