Another Random Blog I Can’t Think of a Title For…

I have all these thoughts running through my head.  A musical motif, that when I feel like I want to write it down and develop it, I know I shouldn’t, because I have too much other stuff to do.  An idea I could try and bounce off of to write my next story (that I’m kind of struggling to come up with a plot).  A letter to write.  A book to read.  A blog to post.  An instrument to practice.  Homework to do.  You start to see my dilemma.  So many things running through my head, so quickly because the stuff that I don’t have time to do keeps pushing out the stuff I should be doing…. Uff da!

But I have to smile because: I watched the Magic School Bus this morning with my friend Laura.  I got stuff DONE (homework-wise) with my friend Dani.  It snowed today.  I got to see the parentals. I LIKE playing/performing (a lot).  AND I love listening to the basses (voice, because I can’t hear the string basses well…I’m louder than them) and watching/comparing conductors and their styles.  Not that I’ll be writing a paper on it or anything…(I probably will).

Slowly, o h  s o   s l o w l y…, assignments are being dented.  I can almost see the light at the end of the assignment, but then another one comes up and interrupts me, blocking the end of the tunnel with more work that is more mandatory than that which I’m working on.  It’s getting back to my beginning dilemma.  So many things to do.

On the brighter side, the number of days, number of classes, is dwindling down.  I think I have the rest of the homework I’m gonna get, so now it is simply to do it.  It’s kinda scary when you think about it, but it makes me all happy and excited.  And the work load is broken up when I HAVE to play a band concert (next Thursday) and when I HAVE to be practicing for juries or playing tests.  (Music is my other happy place, you know.)

AND because it finally snowed, it is FINALLY starting to feel like Christmas.  Yes, I’ve been performing and practicing Christmas music, but now my head is in the words, not just the music.


This blog has been brought to you by my “avoiding homework, wanna write something instead” phase that happens too much.  (Writing is the third thing that relaxes me and calms me down, after Jesus and music.  Fyi.)

Anna =)^2

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