So.  After reading this blog by CarolynCARES (my mom),  I have decided to join in.  Also, my aunt Judy has been doing “Thankful Thursdays“.  So, I have been saying what I am thankful for on Facebook lately.  I shall call them “smileys.”  Moments that make you smile; that you’re thankful for or bring you joy or whatever.

And so.  Quoting my mother’s challenge from her blog, “My challenge for you, the few who actually read this, is to post on your Facebook pages or in your own blogs about something that has brought you joy that day…or just in general makes your heart happy.”

A simple smiley of the day: I fit in a nap today!  Woo!

Oh yeah.  And you can countdown with me ’til when I get to go home for Christmas: Dec. 17th.  16 days.  I can’t decide if that’s a smiley or a stress at the moment.  We’ll try and keep it a positive.  SIXTEEN DAYS!  WOO!

Smiles Squared, Anna =)

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