Birthday Blog 2011

So, this week was my birthday.  I have learned a great many things over the last 21 years.  I am, after all, an adult now (but that’s just a number—I’m not really sure I AM an adult yet.  I don’t wanna be)…. MOST RECENT I have learned:

I speak with my eyes.  The other day in class, one of my profs said that my eyes “just cussed at him.”  And when I am thinking about something, you can usually see it.  I suck at playing mofia, because I am scheming who I’m gonna kill next and my eyes are like a killer’s.  Or something like that.  And I’m a terrible liar, but that’s beside the point.  I’m also a good pretend liar, but that doesn’t help anything.  And I’ve been told that when I was talking about Jesus, I have almost a heavenly look in my eyes.

I can overcome; “kicking this MS in the butt,” as I sometimes like to refer to it.  For my birthday, I got a lefty guitar, so my fingers that don’t work so well in my left hand are the strummers instead.  Ha!  Last year I got a brace, so my foot that doesn’t like to lift up is stimulated (which has prevented countless falls).  Ha, ha!  And, to top it all off, I have my lifeline—JESUS!  And he gives me strength when I have none to go on.  Ha, ha, ha!

Also thinking back on my life, because it’s what you do when you get old, I realize how many people have touched my life.  And I guess I have been recently realizing how many lives I myself have touched.  It’s pretty cool, when you think about it.  There’s God, who is in control of the little humans, and to give everybody the best that he wants for them, he puts different people in our paths.  Maybe we don’t always have the most ideal interactions to his standards, but even they can affect awesomely.  Yeah, cool.

This was my first birthday when I wasn’t at home.  But I was home the day before (Thanksgiving break…this would have been the 4th time ever I’ve had school on my birthday), so I guess that counts.  And technically, I had a two-day birthday celebration!  Which is pretty awesome.

Oh, and other thoughts, I guess.  On the same topic.  There are so many things I am just now getting.  From things like FINALLY being able to play a mallet piece without backing up to fix a missed note, to understanding how important it is to take care of myself (you’da thunk I have that down already, but no, not really).  Lessons that have been taught over and over for a really long time.  So, I like where I’m at.

Oh, and the Applebee’s I went to for my birthday only gives ice cream for birthdays if the birthday person is 12 or under.  And they don’t let age inversions count, either.  Just in case you were wondering.

So, this was a somewhat random blog, but I enjoy writing down my thoughts.  You’re so lucky you get to read them.  I love you all, my readers!

Smiles Squared, Anna =)^2

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