Beatles in Conversation?

So, I had typed this up and I recently came across it.  I had put it as a note on Facebook, but I thought it would do better here. I think this took place on our way toward Rochester late summer, maybe.  Lotsa time in the car.

To set the scene: Mom driving, me riding.  Me coming up with ideas to kick off a new story.  Ready….go.

Me: What should I name my character?

Mom: Jude?  Eleanor Rigby?  Penny Lane?

Me: Really?  I guess I am a Paperback Writer.

Mom: See?  See how they run?

Me: Get Back on topic, mother.

Mom: We can work it out!

Me: Okay.  Where should my yet unnamed character live?

Mom: A Yellow Submarine?

Me: I should have known.  From Me to You, I think we need to listen to another CD.  This ain’t easy.

Mom: Well it’s gotta be about—Something.  We are taking a Long and Winding Road.  You’ll have plenty of time to work on this story

Me: Yesterday—mom—I could have had this done by now!

Mom: We just need to come together on an idea!

Me: Yeah, yeah.  You are no HELP.  Let it be, mom.  Let it be.

(a couple hours later)

Me: Ugh!  I’m not trying to start a revolution here!  I’m just trying to write a story!

Mom: Looking across the universe, are these pesky details really gonna matter?

Me: Hey, Slow Down, Yes It Is!

Note: I didn’t get all of these capitalizations correct, but…who can name how many songs were listed in this so punny conversation?

One thought on “Beatles in Conversation?

  1. Okay, this put a huge smile on my face this morning! That was an awesome conversation! Now, I must Get Back to the laundry…

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