A Random, Chatty Blog (named after written)

“Busy”: actively and attentively engaged in work or a pastime; not at leisure, otherwise engaged; full of or characterized by activity; now.

“Limit”: the final, utmost, or furthest boundary or point as to extent, amount, continuance, procedure, etc.


I am sure you all are busy.  This semester, I overloaded my schedule and was involved in a ton of extra stuff (Varieties and Kansas, same week = 8 performances and no life).  I mean, I LOVE performing, but it was about midterm week (week after the excitement) when I discovered my limits.  Since then, I have been trying to catch up. I dropped a class so I am no longer overloading (I was taking band, orchestra, and percussion ensemble for no credit so I wouldn’t have to pay for it).  I have almost finished up everything (everything being relative, so not everything) that was supposed to be done a couple weeks ago.  I am learning how to measure the weakness or tiredness in my body.  AND, I have been trying to learn the art of saying “no.”  Indeed, it is more difficult than it looks.

I feel like I’m keeping everybody outta the loop cuz I’m not consistent or very keep-uppy on my blog here.  Sometimes I even keep myself outta the loop—this is why I own a planner, but I must admit this semester is the least I’ve used it since high school, sadly.  I have discovered why I need it so much.

What would I do if I had a little more time on my hands?  Blog more, write for fun more, write letters more (which I have started doing more—letters are fun!  If you want a letter from me sometime you could either send me one and I’ll reply or just let me know).  I think I’d like to spend more time with Jesus, as well.  More time on my hands.  That’s a good one.  As some of you know, I was off Facebook for a month or two.  That gave me more time on my hands, but it didn’t do anything motivation-wise.

Oh yeah!  Solution: stop procrastinating.  ‘Cuz we all procrastinate in some way or another.  I also procrastinate to avoid work.  Sometimes I write cuz I’m avoiding or procrastinating.  Actually, always.  Pretty much.  Now I have fallen off into a tangent and I don’t even remember where I was going with this blog in the first place.  Actually, this was probably a chatty blog.  I get off on tangents when I’m chatting.  Oh boy, I’m not making sense anymore.  And I wonder why I don’t have many readers or subscribers?  Anna, you’re supposed to be talking to your actual readers/subscribers here.  Reason for blog.  Oh, right.  Probably.

As I read over this blog again, I’m not gonna fix it.  These are just some of the circles my mind goes in all of the time.  I’m just gonna stop now. Or add some more random stuff.  Let’s do it.

I like this version, and since I heard it, these are the lyrics that are in my head when I hear this song.  These guys do a lot of other remakes of songs.  I recommend checking it out.

See? Random.  Ugh.

Thank you for reading all the way through if you did!  I LOVE to hear from my readers, so comment somewhere and check out some of my other, more point-driven blogs!


Anna =)^2

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