A Poem of Update

“This isn’t looking very positive.”

“I know!  But I don’t know how to keep up my usual happiness TODAY.”

“Yes you do.”

“Fine.  I’ll RHYME.  You can’t be negative when you rhyme.”

“Fine!  But your smiley face is upside down and I am going to turn it around.”

“DO IT!”

This is me in a convo with me (typical).  Yeah, I’ll just give you my poem:

(We GOT this! Kickin’ negativity in the butt..)


Written 10-20-11, Anna Olson


Walking through a week of negativity and impending doom,

I kept seeking the Lord, who constantly lifts my gloom.

I am ever so glad I kept seeing his face,

It is him I need to keep running this race!

I gave a lot of hugs to the down trodden in my path,

We all need hugs to ensure that we last.

When the day came upon me, I broke.

The MS inside me kept trying to choke.

But I got IT back by taking a break early,

There is no stopping THIS girly.

And so I’m off, set for homework and sleep.

Me and God, together, we’ll defeat.

Soon it will be Christmas break.

No homework then—I can’t wait!


Until the next post, keep turning that frown upside down!  God will help.  He’s cool like that.  =(

Scratch that not quite smiley x/

=D and make it happy wildly!

Hugs, Anna

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