Focus, Or Lack There Of

Focus: noun, 1. a central point, as of attraction, attention, or activity 2. that which is absent in the person of Anna.  Anna is unable to focus. 


Staring off into the distance.

Unable to do what is priority.

Feeling…frustrated, for instance:

French Horn.

My “alert” times are between 7am-4pm.

Unfortunately, I’m in class until then.

Most days, that’s when I nap.

But some days I don’t have time,

And I notice it’s lack. ing.  ness.

What is with this rhyme?

Sometimes when I’m not focused,

I forget what I’m doing.

And get distracted way too easy.

And then I change the subject.

A lot.

And then I just give up my rhyme scheme.

Go team!

Or not.


How did Anna spend her Friday night?  Writing.  In third person sometimes.  In rhyme at others.  Extremely randomly mostly.  S^2

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