A Trying-To-Sleep-But-Can’t-So-I’m-Writing Poem

Sometimes, when I can’t sleep, I’ll just write.  Here is last night’s result.

Written 9-26-11, Anna Olson.


Sleep does not want to be found by me,

So I pick up a notebook and pen, thinkin “we’ll see.”

I do not have a particular topic tonight,

But I guess whatever pops in my head, I’ll write.


Why is it no thoughts are coming?

And now, only to see what rhymes?

I did not think I was tired at all,

But my body and my brain don’t agree sometimes.


I am not consistent,

No, not tonight.

But if I were consistent,

Maybe I’d know what to write.


I guess this is code for


I just didn’t realize it or

maybe I’m starting to.

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