Unboring, Action-Packed Blog, Take Two

So.  I wrote this story near the time I wrote “take one” of my unboring action-packed blogs.  I laughed when I re-read it, so I figured I’d put it on here to see what you guys think?  I write for entertainment sometimes, like this time, and it has no connection to reality [disclaimer].  I really don’t know sometimes, but here you go.


Once upon a time, a prince was trapped in a tower.  Though he was really hot and had a six-pack that would make any common man cry, he was forbidden to leave his tower for an unknown reason.  The myth of his existence was altered by the Brothers Grimm and Disney into a girl, ‘cuz people liked to write about girls in distress.  Too bad a girl who isn’t in distress is writing this tale.  So, an awesome prince is trapped in a tower.

Meanwhile, two young ladies are flying kites and one gets away.  Both run and try to see if they have any hope of catching the kite.  They’re in the middle of the prairie, per say, so the tallest thing anywhere is a grove.  So, they hopped on a couple of 4-wheelers to see if the kite would land or if it was gone forever.  They finally found the kite caught in the tree on the outside of a grove.  It was weird—they didn’t know the person who lived there.  They knew all of their other neighbors.  But the resident of this farm was quiet.

“Yeah, but how are we supposed to get TO the tree?” one of the girls asked.

“Let’s see if the guy who lives here has a ladder or something,” said the other girl.

“Okay.”  So they moved beyond the grove and found…THE TOWER (duh, duh, DUH!).  It looked empty.  It was totally freaky, too.

“Who builds a stone tower in the middle of the Midwest?” asked the first girl.

“Good question,” said the other.  “Let’s explore!”

“Are you sure that’s a good idea?” asked the first girl.  But the other was already on her way.

[messing around scene]

–      Conclusion: they find a hidden door.

“Let’s go in!” said the second girl who has been talking second so far until now when she talked first.

“But it’s dark and freaky,” said the other.

“Chicken,” said the second girl, who is now the first as she entered the dark tower.  “There’s a staircase!”

“I’m staying here,” said the first girl who is now the second.

“Suit yourself,” called the FIRST girl as she started to climb.

MEANWHILE, in the tower, the extremely attractive, trapped young man had been hearing things.  Just then, there was a knock at his door.  Could this indeed be his rescuer?  Indeed, it was.  When he opened the door with his killer-, super-hot-smile, the one that showed his incredibly white and perfect teeth, girl number one’s scream was stopped as she fainted.

And they lived happily ever after in the stone tower in the middle of the Midwest.

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