The Beginning of the Ending

Oh my gosh!  The last day at Hopewell was SUPER fun!  All afternoon, we played water games and took a ton of pictures.  Some of our games included “drip, drip, drop” (where everyone was dropped on), “hot potato,” and “water balloon war.”  At the end of the day, there were eight water balloons left.  Too many kids, so each of us got one.  We were kind of debating, because the day was supposed to be for the kids.  “They can cheer for us!” Zack said.  So, while he turned to get all the kids riled up, all of us girls (Chelsea, Jenny, Rachel, Meg, Jill, and I) got Zack with our water balloons.  Mwahaha.  I don’t know who would come up with such an idea or why multiple of us had the same one….  So Zack turned and threw his water balloon at the first person he saw, leaving a welt on Chelsea’s thigh because the water balloon didn’t break right away.  The kids were just laughing really hard at him.  Zack asked why we did that.  “It’s for the kids,” Jenny said.   “For-the-kids.”

Now that we’re done with ministry sites, we have been adding in a few social events.  Last night, we just had a good talk and thinking about stuff, all 17 of us.  And this afternoon, we ended up going to the lake after being invited by someone from church this morning.

I hate thinking that this is our last week together!  It just makes me sad that I’m going to have to say good-bye in a little less than a week!  But this week will be great, and I’m not gonna think about it.  Just this last week or so is when we’ve really started bonding like we haven’t all summer!  At least we bonded before we departed!

So I don’t really know what all of this week is going to look like, but I would just ask that you pray for everyone we talked to during our outreach on Saturday specifically.  I would also ask that you pray for us this last week together, and that when we leave this life-changing summer, we would be just that.  Changed for life.  Pray that we will all be able to apply what we learned here back at our campuses and wherever we may be in the future.

Smiling Squaredly, Anna =)^2

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