The Traveling Circus…?

Though the animals of this particular circus stay put, there are animal trainers and tamers, musical fun-doers, clowns to laugh at, and more!  At each new place they undertake the challenge of taking new groups of…animals and working with them in hopes that they may find home one day.  We train them for how to live once they find it, you see, as well as how to find it.  And I, the ring-leader, among other jobs that are shared amongst the group-in-charge, am overseeing it.  The…animals at each new place differ from one another in most ways, so it takes a little while to find what works.  Some places, yes, this may be sooner and take less time than others.  We have the basics, but it is flexibility that is needed to figure out how the point will get across and keep to the circus’s basics.

During the day, yes, it feels like a circus of on-you-toes-ness and thinking-on-your-feet.  Especially we who are working with the littlest age group, 4-9.  We try and keep the kids engaged and their attention to where it’s supposed to be.  Those working with the older kids, they need to find how to get them to open up and to engage in discussion.  So you see, it is indeed a challenge.

Back “home,” the multiple circus in-charge-of-ers meet together and have a shin-dig of their own.  Jesus is in the center ring, and we, in turn, are the “animals” in need of taming and training.

Okay, so maybe this circus analogy isn’t working so well.  And I didn’t intend to be rude to anybody at all.  But I wanted to update on our reaching our final group of kids that we’ll be working with, for two weeks at Hopewell Baptist.  These kids are indeed different than any we’ve worked with before.  We have kids from the ages of 4-17.  We have tried our best to split the group so we can work with each and try and get points across that we need to, the older group going a little more in depth, while the younger group is kept busy with crafts and games and more songs.  We’ve been there for three days, but I think today was the first day that went smoothly.  Pray for us and for the kids and volunteers we are working with over these last few weeks!  We only have three more weeks left!  And God’s not done with us yet!  There is no time to look at the end when we need to be focusing on the now!  Pray, also, for the people we are working with.

Thank you all for your prayers and support!  Fist bump it.

Smiling as usual, Anna

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