Rest of Week Four

Friday was our last day at New Beginnings.  In four days, all of us really loved the kids.  It was sad to say goodbye!  We left earlier on Friday ‘cuz the kids were going to Summerfest.  They had all signed a folder and sent it with us went we left.  It is now hanging in the “Family Room” (what we renamed the student lounge).  Meg got lots of pictures, so if you’re friends with me on Facebook, you’ll probably see some of them.

Friday night was the banquet, where staff handed leadership over to all of us. We all dressed up and all were cute for the banquet.  We took a group picture of all of us with the staff.  After they had presented everyone with their roles (which they had already found out beforehand, but now everybody knew everyone else’s roles, too), the Project Director (Bryan) and the Assistant Director (Chelsea) prayed.  As they prayed, the staff left the room.  So, we went over the covenant and cleaned up the staff’s mess before we went back to City on a Hill.  And we hung out in the newly-named Family Room.

So, for outreach today, we were headed to the park to help out City on a Hill with Super Saturday.  “God,” I prayed, “Help me out.  I don’t think I can make it til four in this weather!  Could you cool it down, or something?”  Haha.  After canvasing, going back to the park with Caitlin and chillin in the shade, we decided we should join the rest of the gang and find out what we need to do.  Haha.  “We need some more volunteers at the Health Clinic, back at City on a Hill,” we were told.  God’s got this.  I didn’t want to be in the sun all day—I couldn’t make it!  So, I spent the day washing dishes with Caitlin and Chelsea.  I actually dried trays Caitlin was I pushing through the dishwasher for the most of it, then I began drying the dishes Chelsea would whand-wash after Caitlin got all the remaining food outta the dishes.  Team work!  The exciting thing that happened to us?  The couple that Caitlin, Chelsea, and Anna Z met at St. Ben’s during the poverty assimilation (that Caitlin had also eaten with when she went to St. Ben’s for super one other time) were eating when we took a break and ate, too!  So they got to talk again!  Very encouraging!  AND, we were told by the person in charge that we were a blessing to her, cuz otherwise she would be there until 7:30 or 8 doing dishes, and cuz of us, she could leave at 4:30 or 5.  Yay God!

Prayer requests?  For the staff—Caitlin said it, and I agree: It isn’t sad they left ‘cuz they’re staff, but because it feels like we lost half our team!  Pray for us, also, as we settle into our new positions.  Oh!  And a little boy at the part came to Christ today!  Pray for him!

Shout out to all of you who are supporting me with prayer!  Can do nothing without that!

Smiling with appreciation (for you AND for God!!!), Anna

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