Breaking News Bulletin!

As of today’s total pledges, Jill and Meg have pledges of support to cover the rest of their needed funds!  Zack and Mark are having checks come in, as well, to reimburse what all they paid out of pocket, which is more than the rest of us.  The good news is that EVERYONE IS STAYING ON PROJECT for the rest of the summer!  God is SO AWESOME, I have seen God raise more than 20000 in two days between just Meg and Jill.  God is miraculous and powerful.  He is incredibly awesome, and I just want to shout about it to the whole world!  Thanks to those of you who gave me pledges that I could pass on.  You are a part of this miracle!  I just can’t get over it!  WHOA!!!!!

GOD IS AWESOME!  GOD IS AWESOME!  GOD IS AWESOME!  YAAAAAAAY GOD!  (cheer.  repeat with enthusiasm until voice is gone.)

The majority of us are fasting over dinner (aka supper) tonight, focusing on the staff leaving.  Not exactly sure on all of it, but we will see!  Since I’ve gotten here, I have seen God do so much!  I am SO excited to see what else God will do with the rest of the summer!  YAAAAAAY GOD!

Smiling with enthusiasm, Anna =)^2

2 thoughts on “Breaking News Bulletin!

  1. That is awesome !!! Praise the Lord. I’m
    happy to have added a small amount to the total.

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