Welcome to the Zoo

This week is the first week of a ministry site where we are working with kids.  5-9-year-olds, specifically.  And boy, let me tell you, it is exhausting work!  I mean, I used to babysit all the time.  You know, like one or two kids at a time.  Even though there are seven of us (Zack joined our ministry team this week!), there are still 17-21 kids a day.  I see monkeys climbing with play, cheetahs running with drive, zebras galloping with glitz, and every other form of animal that is typically seen at a zoo every day.  I’ve made paper airplanes, learned hand-clapping games, and observed (but not dare try) step.  (Jump, clap in front, hit knee, clap in front, behind, below knee, touch bottom of left foot, bottom of right foot, I don’t even know!)   My team has been working on how to take charge of these kids and get them focused and doing what we wanted them to, what songs they will be engaged in, what games they will not complain about while playing (even though once we have a game or a song, we’re gonna do it anyway to see their reaction before we change), etc.  It has been a definite learning experience!  Meg told me tonight that working with these kids is like improve.  Christina, I’m glad I could pick up on some things as you were talking about your improve class.  I can certainly use it now!

News: My friends, who still need help with funds, have to know the amount they will be receiving by Friday (7-8).  However, they have until next Thursday (7-14) to actually get all the checks in.  Anybody interested in helping?  Let me know!

Prayer requests: That Meg, Jill, and Zack will get all their funds in!;  For the kids we are working with at New Beginnings; For our team, that we can work effectively together and that the Spirit will work through us as we work with these kids!; For our Project, that we may get along with each other in unity and love when staff leaves!

Smiling with hope, Anna =)^2

One thought on “Welcome to the Zoo

  1. Anna, I’ve been thinking about you all summer. I correspond with Katie and Luke, and had forgotten I could check out your blog to find out what you are doing in Milwaukee. It sounds like you are busy all day long. I’m sure the children you are working with love you all. You are making a huge difference in their lives.
    Do you get time off? I’m wondering if you’ve been able to see Sally and Philip. I haven’t read all your blogs yet.
    This is our year for reunions from college for Milt and I and I’m on the committee for my 50th from Augie in Oct. Keeps me busy. Take care. You are a good writer! I look forward to hearing more about your work and witnessing in Milwaukee. God be with you. Love, Marj H.

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