Fourth of July Weekend

Uff da.  This weekend was not too bad.  Besides the part of all of us getting pretty wiped out before the actual fourth, I would actually say it was good  (Sorry, I just HAD to put some Minnesota back in there!)  Saturday, we did all our usual Sunday meetings in the morning.  Then, we went to a nearby park to set up for an outreach.  I’d say it was a success!  The outreach team keeps thinking of things they’d do different if they did it again, but we had kids from all over the neighborhood playin’ with all of us.  I made gospel bracelets with kids for the first time.  After someone came up to help me and I could watch her interact with the kids, I think I got it.  However, kids have a nonstop energy that I have troubles keeping up with in the first place.  We had games, gospel bracelets, face-painting, water balloons, and a whole park of just grass to play on.  We had chairs, tables, and signs.  All in all, I thought it went well.

Sunday.  After church and some dinner, we went to a park that was by the lake, where Kara and Erin had been holding a place for us since 6am.  We just hung out until fireworks, which started at about 9:30.  They went until 10:30 (an HOUR of fireworks, with two slight pauses in the middle?  Whoa!), and then we walked the several blocks to the cars that were there.  (Which held half of us, we had to make two car trips.)  Then I crashed.

The fourth!  We had the morning off, so my team met to plan, ‘cuz we will be working with kids, VBS, all this next week.  Then Meg and I went to Target to get craft supplies for tomorrow (Tuesday), and we needed other things, as well.  After we got back from that, w e all headed out to the beach to do some sharing.  Ashley and I headed out together, and I’d say it was quite encouraging.  The first couple we talked to, Ashley got to share her testimony, and I even shared a bit of mine.  And we left them with a KGP.  We only left one other couple with the KGP, but we had a total of eight conversations today.  Yeah, God’s pretty awesome like that.  I was talking to a group of college students, and I don’t even know WHAT I asked them, deviating from the survey.  Ashley felt led to even pray with two individuals.  God is great!  After, our action group stopped at Pick ‘N Save, and then we went to Noel’s place and cooked supper.  It was gooooood!  Our last action group with Noel and Courtney, ‘cuz staff leaves on Saturday!  We had a good discussion today on Colossians 3 & 4.  I love us!

The whole weekend, I was worried about heat.  ‘Cuz heat and me?  We do NOT get along.  God, he gots it.  It was cooler on Saturday, and almost cold on Sunday.  Which was pretty awesome.  Monday was a bit warmer, and Ashley burned in the hour and a half we were out there.  But you know, she shouldn’t even be a judge of that.  That girl burns quiiiiick!  All I can say about the weather: GOD IS AWESOME!

Over the last few days, God has been revealing himself to me through Ephesians.  My God is so BIG and full and whole and AWESOME!  And he sent his son to us, this deed which I am being shown more and more of its significance!  And?  I get to TALK to this God and have a RELATIONSHIP with him.  He is my friend and my father, my lord and my lover, my savior and my sanctifier.  He is my all in all!

Prayer requests?  The people that were talked to today, including Phil & Pam; JJ, Guy, & Josh; Berry; Felix & Darlene; Salina; and Ronya.  The staff, as they leave Saturday; and the rest of us, who will take over, especially so that there won’t be tensions.  And everything previous, of course.

Smiling to God and his glory, Anna =)

PS There are pictures, and if I don’t get them up here, they will be on Facebook.  FYI

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