Week Three, Part Three (Friday)

FRIDAY!  So….again, a lot of things happened.  Worthy of a post, which I am growing  rather fond of doing.  PLUS, I took tons of pictures today so YOU’RE IN LUCK if you want to keep up on what I’m a-doin.

Today was our last day at L&T, and we had a CARWASH!  It was so much fun, and time just seemed to FLY by!  I had the hose, and would rinse the cars before and after their being washed by Jenny & Rachel.  Then, they were dried and we moved on to the next car waiting.  The estimate is that we washed about 8 or 9 cars from 10-noon.  Chelsea, Bryan, and Meg did a  couple of different things, helping to dry, holding the sign at the entrance of L&T’s parking lot, or just talking to the drivers as they waited for us to finish washing.

At 6 is when awesomeness began.  Dressed in our clashy and mis-matchy outfits, we went mini-golfing!  Cue pictures.

I am proud to say my score was a 57, even though it was the highest by 10.  David got 47, Jen got 46, and Erick got 42.  It was a fun day!

You can be praying for Liberty and Truth Ministries, as we depart from working with them after two weeks.  I learned so much from Pastor Seay, and I was so blessed to talk with Regina!  Next week, we will be at New Beginnings for 4 days.  You can be praying for that, as well!  This weekend we are planning a few different outreaches and another social, and I’m sure you’ll be hearing something about that in the near future.

Thank you ALL for your support and for taking time out to read about my adventures here during Summer in the City, Milwaukee Summer Project!  My heart goes out to all of you!

Smiling sparkily, Anna

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