Week Three, Part Two (Wednesday)

“I want to be with you, and you with me.”  This is what God told me last night.  And I DO just want to be with him!  I surrendered more of my crap, sins that were brought to my attention as I sat during circle at HOV.  And I wrote down Ephesians 1:3-14, verse by verse (‘cuz that is a LOT of info jam-packed into a little space.  I learned so much!  And I continue to learn!

So this morning, Noel and I left at 7 for my 8am appointment in Westbend.  We would have been fine on time, but as it turns out, BOTH of us are kinda bad at directions.  So, even though Dr. Geroulis had another appointment at 8:30, he saw me at 8:26 when I got to his office (after registration, which took awhile longer ‘cuz I was a new patient there).  He told me how to get to the Outpatient Infusion Center, which is in a different building.  “You can’t miss it,” he told me.  “Watch me,” I thought.  And yes, Noel and I couldn’t remember which direction we were told to turn, causing us to go in the opposite direction yet again.  However, we realized it  and turned around, not making me as late as I was for my previous appointment.  As it turned out, because I had talked to a number of nurses there, they had FOUGHT over who would give me my Tysabri infusion.  I met a total of three today.  Now THAT’S something to smile about!

This afternoon, Noel and I went sharing at the beach using Salarium—it was my first time trying out this type of reaching out to people.  And I pretty much love it.  Praise God, I would call it a success.  No, nobody prayed to receive Christ today, but I shared with SEVEN people today!  AND nobody said “no” to taking the picture survey!  I like it better ‘cuz I could be relational and find out more about the PERSON, sharing parts or allof the gospel where it was needed.  “Finding the cracks in people’s lives and filling it with the gospel,” Noel said, as it had been described to her.  God filled me up, and I actually ended up sharing my gospel bracelet with a woman who claimed she was an atheist.  There were four teenagers playing at the edge of the water, and Noel’s like, “Should I ask them to come over?” And I’m like, “Paul shared with groups of people,” so she went to get them.  As I think about it now, I could have shared the full gospel with them, as well.  I pray for them, though!  You can pray too!  Terrence, Huan, Joanne, and the group of high schoolers, Jacob, Caitlin, Ashley, and Nick.

Tonight, the guys made the girls supper.  They went ALL OUT.  It was so cute!  They had table cloths, place cards, and the table all set, as well as cards for each of us at our places.  The cards were full of personalized compliments that were SO SWEET!  Each girl was escorted to her place, and the guys were the servers for the eavening.  They told us to clap our hands twice if we needed anything, and it was quite amusing to see a table of guys perk up and look up to see who was clapping for something.  In the case, the place, the guy would come and ask sophistically what the girl needed.  It was a marvelous evening, full of chivalry and gentlemanly kindness.  So sweet!

Before this update gets too long, I’m gonna post.  Maybe many short updates are better than a long one?  You tell me!

Smiling a lot, Anna =)

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