Week Three, Part One

What a week! And I’m saying that on Wednesday.  The week’s not even over yet!  So, I started out the week, journaling a little everyday so that I wouldn’t have so much to do later.   Yeah, that worked.  Until my week STARTED.  So the first few paragraphs are me talking the day that these things happened.  Then it’s not.  You’ll get it.  Just stick with me on this one.

Saturday was Woman’s Time.  We made MogPog picture frames, were blindfolded while doing a “ropes course,” and had worship/devotional time.  It was fun!  Yeah, not saying much about that right now.

On Sunday, we went to church at Liberty & Truth.  The Lord was moving in that place, and it could be seen by anyone.  I watched in awe, but didn’t feel some of the Lord’s impact that showed up on the faces of others.  Then Pastor Seay called me up front.  He told the congregation that I had MS, then asked me how long I’ve had it (seven years), what I was doing here (I don’t know, God brought me here?), what I was doing while I was here (being active!), and told Sister Regina to stand up so I could go over and give her a hug.  He had told me that I would be meeting her niece on Sunday, but she was the one in church!  We exchanged phone numbers, and I told her that I would be at L & T by nine Monday morning, if she could come there and we could talk.  ‘Cuz Pastor said we needed to talk.  Divine Appointment?  I am so darn excited!

Okay, so today) (Monday, Regina and I sat down and talked.  For a long time.  It was awesome!  She was diagnosed with Fiber Myalgia first.  Then, when her vision continued to be horrible so she finally went to an eye doctor.  She was told that it could be a few different things.  She was finally diagnosed with MS in 2003.  Since then, however, she has gotten arthritis, as well.  Regina is on so much medicine, and is in constant pain.  I ache for Regina!  I asked her about her kids, and how they took her diagnosis.  She told me that her youngest son was scared.  I asked about his relationship with God.  It seemed to me that he has plenty of head knowledge in the Lord but is lacking either a relationship or a complete trust that such relationships are built on.  It almost seemed that all of her children may be lacking in the relationship with God stage.  I liked talking with Regina, and we exchanged addresses to write.  I thought of it later, though, that while I gave her my home address and my school address, I didn’t give her my summer address.  Maybe I just need to write her here and let her know.  After, Pastor Seay said that when he was hearing my testimony that Regina came into his head.  He told me that if there was no other reason that God brought me to Milwaukee this summer, it was to have that conversation with Regina.  I am so incredibly excited!

Tuesday, we set up the clothes giveaway thing (Shanza, Mary, Rachel, and me), and we helped a few people throughout the day until the House of Vision people came back.  We only had one sign out, which I believe affected the lack of people most.  However, we helped the needs of some!  Tuesday, I also now call my stressed-out-headache day.  I spent two of the hours that we were supposed to be sitting, manning the clothes giveaway tables inside, on the phone.  You know, a once-a-month infusion sounds a whole lot better than everyday shots.  I believe this statement false.  Because the FDA has so many regulations on Tysabri, finding a new place to get these infusions is a headache.  By the time I was headed back to City On A Hill (aka building  we’re staying at), the people who were there and answering the phones were like, “Is this Anna?” and I’d be like, “Yeah,” and they’d be like, “I thought so.  Just checking.”  By 4pm, I had everything figured out.  That was during my discipleship time with Noel and she was like, “Didn’t you tell me last week that you wanted to work on letting go of control and trusting God more?”  Yeah.  And then that.  I guess I haven’t completely gotten to the point I desire to be at.  A lot of frustrated tears were shed that day and the day before, when I finally got ahold of Biogen and the told me they were sending my stuff to Westbend.  Where is Westbend?  (That’s when the frustration began.)  However, I did a lot more praying about this whole thing than usual.  I was kinda proud of myself for that.  Thinking about it later, though, maybe it was a good thing that I was in and out on my phone for so long ‘cuz the sun woulda done a number on me if it could.

Today.  Because I have to be in Westbend tomorrow morning before 8am, it was my only day at House of Vision.  AND, it was the calmest day anyone on my team had seen the people there.  Jenny was at HOV yesterday, but Rachel and I hadn’t been there yet.  Looking at these people after the stories we had heard about them last week and yesterday….Wow.  Improvement.  Progress made.  It was pretty sweet.  Tonight is Date Night with Jesus.  I’ll learn a whole lot more then, but I thought I’d update my blog now while I had a bit of time.

Yesterday, I spoke with Noel about my testimony (which still has to be written).  We decided that yesterday’s events and my reaction can be included ‘cuz I’m still working on letting God have complete control.  So much unnecessary stress.  Yes, I had to be on the phone with all those people, but it all worked out in the end.  Mom, I’m sorry for bawling into the phone in between some of those calls.  But it’s all good now, thank the Lord!

Prayer Requests:

  • Regina and her family
  • Cathy, Debbie, Keith, and Dante who were at HOV this morning, and I was able to observe and interact with
  • That I can let go and let God, in EVERYTHING!  I have been loosening my grip, but I need to give it ALL to the Lord!
  • Jenny’s dad (there is a whole lot going on right now and he really needs the Lord, even though he doesn’t acknowledge it and acts like everything is fine.  It’s not.)

Finding all my smiles in the Lord, Anna =)^2

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