For Such a Time As This

So, looking back on the last few months….I honestly have no idea how I got to Milwaukee.  I applied, I was accepted, I sent out letters, I received my support, I came.  It has felt like this isn’t really happening but far-off in the future or something like that.  Once here, I have been receiving information and processing it like I never have before.  I’m glad that I came.  I just didn’t entirely know why I am in MILWAUKEE.  I felt called for summer project, but not specifically the city.  Not specifically anywhere, I guess.  I wasn’t too excited about heading much further south, and I came here because I can get my medicine here.  Milwaukee was the only place I would agree to go on summer project.  So here I am.

But wait!  God has a bigger purpose here.  He ALWAYS does.  He knows better than mankind.  I feel blessed to meet the people I have already met here.  I have been exposed to so much information, and have learned so much already!  I have a testimony, one that God gave me, that I can use for his glory.  I have only shared my story thus far with my fellow project-ers and Pastor Saey, the pastor my group is workin’ with these next few weeks.  But, Pastor Saey is so encouraging, noting that instead of letting my body have control and just sitting there, I am out and about in MILWAUKEE workin’ for the Lord!  Praise God!  I have been hearing so many stories about the people that Pastor Saey has been working with through his “Life Transformation Program” and even about he, himself.  I have wanted to shout all praise to the Lord on high and scream to the heavens that he is all-powerful.  I’ve kinda been wanting a thunderstorm, with thunder that shakes entire buildings and lightning that lights up the entire sky! (Cue thunderstorm that I’m watching as I type some on Tuesday afternoon.)  Yeah, I’m hearing thunder rumble in my chest and lighting pierce through dark clouds like a statement, one with an exclamation point.  I am so excited for what God has been doing even since I have been here and witnessed it, in my own life, as well as the lives of people I see and hear about.  God is so…AWESOME!

Pastor Saey has told me that I will have a conversation with this woman who is struggling with MS.  I will get to meet her niece on Sunday.  I have already seen God place us in a person’s life at the exact time they need it, whether it is a conversation to be had, or a pop to be bought.  “Perhaps you have been brought here,” Malacci told Esther, “for such a time as this.”  My God can do all things.  He brings people together to do his work for him, so he may reach his children and offer a relationship to them.  The Lord, God of all of us, is powerful and can break bondages and free the oppressed.  He is mighty; creator and redeemer.  God loves us all and saves us from the darkness.

For such a time as this, I was brought to Milwaukee.  We all were.  So I could work with Pastor Saey, my fellow project-ers, and people I haven’t even met yet.  So I could meet everyone I have met so far, and we could impact each other’s lives.  I praise God I was brought here, for such a time as this!

Smiling ALWAYS, Anna

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