An Update of Sorts


“I eat what I want, and when my pants don’t fit, I buy new ones!” – Jenny, during lunch at L&T

“Congratulations, guys, I know where I’m going!” – Chelsea, after getting back on the road that we were supposed to be driving on (she behind the wheel)

[think think  Spanish accent] “I don’t speak English very well…but I love my sexy accent.” – Pastor of Spanish church our project meeting at his church (he’s awesome btw)

On Monday, my team went to Liberty and Truth Ministries and we orientated for the next few weeks.  Pastor Saey has this program called Life Transformation, where he works with  people in bondage, aka people struggling with addictions.  On Monday, we jumped right in to talking about demons and how real they were.  We looked at scripture that warned of such spirits and shared stories of encounters with demons.  Now, I knew that Jesus cast out demons, but I didn’t totally understand what he was casting out?  Demons.  Oh!  Yes, they are real.  And on Tuesday, the first half of the group that went to Life Transformation encountered a woman who was verbally arguing with a demon inside her.  Or something like that.  The rest of us took on the clothing closet.  Which was a mess.  BUT we’ve been sorting by size, and have made quite the dent.  AND we keep finding clothes that make us laugh.  Cue pictures. (First 3 = day one)

On Tuesday, we had our first weekly meeting.  And Caitlin, in charge of the worship band, even though she was slightly stressed, did an amazing job.  It was held at a Spanish church not even a block away from City on a Hill.   We were practicing (worship band), and I think it was the pastor who came in.  They let me use their congas!  AND, when I was putting it back, I saw the rest of their percussion setup which was AWESOME!!!!  Yeah, I was pretty much excited.  =D

Today, we found out that the Life Transformation site had flooded, so all hands were on deck in the clothing closet.  Which meant we made PROGRESS!  Another pretty good dent in the room that we were afraid of yesterday.  And we kept finding really funny articles of clothing.  Cue more pictures. (The rest,  which by now, you have already seen, of course.  Still trying to figure out how to organize pics on here….)

I am having a really awesome time!

Prayer Requests:

  • all of the people that we, both teams 1 and 2, are working with this week
  • the people in the Life Transformation Program at Liberty & Truth, as well as Pastor Saey, pray that God’s presence may enter in and surround all who are involved
  • that God will move through us ALL the rest of the summer, and in our lives when we get back, too!

Please refer back to past prayer requests, as well, as they continue!  (God is awesome!)

SMILE!!!!! Anna

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