An Update

  • On the girls floor, we go through 2 full pots of coffee. Sometimes, coffee was made in the training room as well this last week (where it was drank)
  • Eating a lot of chocolate doesn’t make your skin darker. But that usually doesn’t stop the endless supply on our floors and in our student lounge where we hang out.
  • We’re supposed to not use the slang we pick up to try and fit in and just be ourselves.  Which just means that I won’t be coming home yellin’ Jupin,’ ya’ll!
  • Ian’s is the best place we’ve eaten so far.  Good pizza, AND the guy is super nice and recognizes us when we come back.
  • Dream Sharing is a funny way to amuse yourself and your friends.  You should tell people who were in your dream that they were and what they did ‘cuz it’s funny.   Sometimes.  That seems to be the trend as of late, anyway.

This week, we (Team 1) will be going to Liberty & Truth.  Not exactly sure what we all will be doing, but please pray for my team and the people we encounter.  We will be at Liberty and u Truth for two weeks.  As I hear about more and more of my project friends who didn’t grow up with believing parents, I’d ask that you pray for families of them, as well.  God is doing some incredible things here and I can SEE IT!  I am so excited for the rest of the summer!

Smiling, always, Anna

One thought on “An Update

  1. We prayed for you in church today as a part of the prayers for missionaries. Thank you for letting us know specifics on what to pray for!

    Miss you!

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