One Week Out: Now!

Can you believe I leave in a week?  I know I can’t!  Oh, a bunch of other Projects have started, but I don’t have to leave for awhile.  FALSE.  In just one week from today, I will be leaving with my mom and driving down to Austin, MN.  The next morning, I will be carpooling with a girl who lives in Austin to Milwaukee.  I am compiling my packing list, eyebrows raised that I think I’ll actually have more with me than I originally thought.  I don’t know what I’m feeling right now.  Mixed emotions, as usual, I guess.  My friends who are at the North Myrtle Beach Project in SC are super excited and having a blast.  I can’t believe it’s that close until I meet the people in person who I’ve been interacting with on Facebook.  I can’t believe it’s that close until Project starts.  I can’t believe it’s that close until God takes the all of me I’m giving him and uses it for him!  Pretty much excited.  Over this next week, I plan on spending extra time in the Word, allowing the Lord to direct my heart where he wants it to be for the summer.  The unboringness starts now!  And no fiction this time, I’ll get back to that when I get back.  Now, it’s all about the Lord and his great and wonderful mission!  Starting….NOW!

SmilesSquared, Anna

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