Being Boring

So, while looking at and editing my blog site, I realized that my life is somewhat boring.  While I originally created this site just ‘cuz, I ended up deleting a bunch of my posts ‘cuz they were just to boring.  So now I’m here to make it UNBORING!  Right now I’m getting ready to sit in a Farm Bureau meeting with my mom for an hour (boring) while I wait until we can leave from there to Sioux Falls.  There, I have to sit for a couple hours to get my meds (boring).  BUT I can watch a movie maybe (unboring?).  After that, we are going shopping (unboring?), and maybe something else that’s unboring.  But, I realize that my life is quite boring to an outsider.  Even an insider can become bored quite easily.  And these poor farmers.  It is simply too wet outside to get in the fields and do their stuff.  BUT.  I leave for Milwaukee a week from Thursday.  THEN life should be quite unboring.  We’ll see how unboring life is when I get back.  ‘Cuz being unboring is a whole lot more interesting.  Wouldn’t you say

SO.  This is the first post in my new category.  UNBORING!  It’s not really a word yet, but, it’ll catch on.  Just wait.

PS.  I realize that I’m setting myself up for being made fun of here.  But I DON’T CARE.

3 thoughts on “Being Boring

  1. I had to laugh at that one…and making up new words is purrrrfectly fine!

    I hope the rest of your time even without me haha

    Love you,

  2. ha, I left half of my sentence somewhere…
    so this is what it is supposed to be:

    I hope your time even without me is UNBORING haha

    there you go 🙂

  3. Well, Viki, it was quite unboring with you around. But now that you’re gone….:( Boring. And it’s so quiet here!

    I guess, until I leave for Milwaukee, I will have to make the best of it.

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