Status Update: 20 Days Out

20 days until Project starts!

As I have finished finals week (finally!), I can now concentrate on the next big thing in my horizon and not worry about forgetting things that are important for the present-moment (because that did, in fact, happen a few times). This week, we are hosting Viktoria’s parents from Germany, who are taking an extended vacation in the US while picking up their daughter and heading home, eventually. (Viktoria is our foreign exchange student we have hosted for this last year. We will miss you, Viki!) They fit in with our family super-well. It’ll be sad to see my foreign-exchange sister head home, but we have been invited to Germany to visit. That will be fun!

And now, I can focus on Project, which is coming up fast! It still feels surreal to me; like it isn’t really happening or it is still so far off that I needn’t worry about it yet. At the same time, though, I am getting really excited! So that’s what I say when anybody asks me. It’s like that excitement you feel for something in the far-off future. Oh, and during finals week, there was a point when I completely stopped making sense. I’m sorry if I haven’t totally recovered. And I’m extra sorry if this damage seems permanent.

So, Milwaukee Summer Project has a Facebook group, so I’ve been meeting people kinda. Which also makes me excited, especially to meet all these people in person. But like I said, my excitement feels far-off. Which is weird. The forecast for my excitement includes a system mixed with nervousness coming in from the west.

Okay, I’ve lost it.

Prayer requests would include that and my MS over the summer. Yeah, this heat thing kinda worries me too. Thank you all so much for your prayers and reading my blog!

Still smiling, Anna :)^2

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