Status Update: Project Preparations

AS OF TODAY: 33 days until school ends!  (Last final May 18th) 55 days until Project starts! (June 10th)

I am well on my way, and my excitement should be brewing.

I mean, we’re already talking about next year’s CRUing!

I find my problem caught up in my schoolwork.

My mind is filled up where that constantly lurks!

Going through notebooks, I’ve found where I’ve rhymed,

When talking to God, or coming up from behind.

I thought I’d share with you the start on this road,

The one that’s led me here, to this season’s episode.

[Fall Getaway: October]

God, I just give up; I can’t do this anymore.

I know it’s about time, ‘cuz it’s what you’re waiting for.

I hand it all to you, and ask you to help me now.

It’s safer in your hands, you’ll figure it out better somehow.

God, I lift it up, this issue causing me strife.

I don’t want to worry anymore.  You’re in control of my life!

[Found out I was ACCEPTED for Summer Project at the very end of January, just for a timeline]

[February 18]

Lord, you are worthy of praise;

The mountains will bow down,

And the valleys will raise.

Yours is the eternal crown,

You are worthy of praise.

Father, you alone have the greatest love.

While we were yet your enemies,

You sent your Son from above

to die in our place to give us life—

You alone have the greatest love.

[February 27]

A few loud voices are telling me “no,”

But all the others are telling me “go!”

I’m almost there, and I think I’ve got this,

But the voice in my head is hardest to resist.

It has me anxious, frustrated and doubting.

But then I’m reminded, God has power over everything!

It’s Him I’ve handed my worry to—

It’s Him that will help me do.

God is calling me, I’ve come so close!

I’m almost there, Lord, but help me most!

On your shoulders, I place it all

off of mine, so I won’t fall.

Lord, I don’t know how you’ll do it,

But I know you’ll see a way that’s fit.

Let others catch this fire,

And change fear into desire.

I long that others will trust you, too,

with all the big stuff, only You.

[February 28]

God is good!

I don’t know why I let doubt get in the way

I just have to ask the Lord for it and pray!

If this is where you’re leading me,

I’m another step closer to your victory!

I’ve answered the call and I’ve overcome tests—

Lord, give me strength, because I can’t afford rests.

All the voices are on your side now.

I feel your awesomeness around me, and bow!

God, you are majestic and holy and might—

You’ve won the battle and put up a fight.

Father, in your mercy I humbly approach,

and thank you for being my God and my coach.

You are the way and the truth and everything I need,

And I know why Paul would boast of the Savior Redeemed!

[April 1]

God, you have granted me

experience to relate.

I’ve empathy and compassion—

I long to reach out and touch.

Lord, you have given me

a heart for your lost children.

I have for them a yearning—

an excitement for their return.

Father, you have shown me

opportunity to do.

You lead, and I will follow.

Hearing your call, I’ll go and do.

Jesus, you rock my world

and I love the love you give.

To it, nothing can compare.

Through me, I ask you to reveal.

Spirit, you’ve moved through me

and filled me with endless hope.

So I join the commission—

with perseverance I’ll press on.

[April 12]

God, I dunno what you’ve got planned,

but I’m excited as well as anxious to find out!

Lord, I’m placing with trust everything in your hand,

and know that you’ve got me, even if I doubt!

Jesus, know that my summer is yours,

and I will serve you for your father’s glory!

Father, you are what we’re striving towards,

as we go about to tell your story!

Spirit, I pray that your presence is with us,

as we spread the good news to all!

Christ, you live and speak through us, we trust,

you help us over even the highest wall!

[April 14]


Bible = instruction manuel

Jesus = roadmap

God the Father = overseer (GPS)

Holy Spirit = translator/helper

Life is a journey, a path with twists and turns,

Many mini-treks lie waiting, each with a lesson to be learned.

Though road construction lands in my path,

Through the Spirit, God reveals the detour (at last!).

There are many pit stops along the way,

Filled with teachers waiting to help me grow.

I thank the Lord for each stay,

And even the sometimes-needed tow.

The destination?  Not important—

It’s the journey that matters most.

God is there to help me, ‘cuz even when I can’t,

He CAN, and that is reason to boast.

[Sorry for the uber long block quote of my poems.  If you read it all, congrats! And…thank you!]

You can pray for me as I continue to prepare,

For those who will hear, and for those who will share.

Through a complicated process I’ve received a new brace called Bioness—

Please pray that it’ll become situated in its current mess.

I love you all and thank you for your prayers,

Thank you for your partnership as well as your cares!

For right now, I’ll sign off with “Bye”

Until next update, when I’ll begin with “Hi!”

One thought on “Status Update: Project Preparations

  1. sorry that I took forever to read this but now i did 🙂
    I LOVE your poems, they sound beatiful! If I could I would make some of them into songs!

    Love you,

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