Crazy About Him

If you were thinking of a “special” guy, stop.  I’m crazy about my Lord!  As some of you who read this know, I am “Promo Captain” of the Campus Crusade for Christ here on campus.  Last night was one of the most important nights of CRU, as a staff member of CRU came and shared the gospel.  I LOVE hearing the gospel in the different ways that the staff person who comes most often to our campus shares it.  And every time I hear it, I get something else out of it.  My relationship with God has been awesome lately!  As a member of the “management team” (aka the team who plans the weekly meetings), I am supposed to go out and share the gospel.  The problem is, though, that I have never been “trained” to share the gospel.  What do I say?  Who do I tell?  How do I tell it?  This weekend is the first CRU retreat of the year, Fall Getaway.  We were told to recruit, recruit, recruit.  I DID get ONE person to go who may not have otherwise.  I have been to ONE CRU retreat ever, and that was Gear-Up, where we geared up for the year with CRU.  But my relationship with God spiked high, and has continued its incline since.  This weekend, I am hoping, EXPECTING for new insight about my Lord and Savior.  I am SO EXCITED to see what’s going to happen!

Since school started, I have been online a bit more.  One of the things I did was create a profile on DailyBooth, mostly to keep in better contact with my sister, who is still at home.  But I have found that site, though looked down upon by some, to be a way of reaching out to those who need to hear.  Underneath one picture, a girl was talking about how lonely she felt, and did anybody really want her?  I told her….”Do you know who DOES want you more than anything!? …God. And he’s just waiting for you to find him! (He’s MY best friend! I’ll share best friends with you, too!)”  She was a believer, but ignores and forgets about God sometimes.  I have fallen into that trap, too.  We all do.  We let things get in the way.  Events.  Worries.  Other people.  But you know what?  God is constant.  He is there, knocking at our door, waiting to be let in.  Always.  God is omniscient.  He knows everything we have and will do, good or bad.  There is no hiding from him.  Never.  God is a giver.  Already the price has been paid for anything we have done, and he is just handing us this new life we can have in him.  Eternal.

I am crazy about God.  And he is crazy about me.  He is crazy about you, too.  He loves us when we have done nothing to earn his love.  Even when we sin, he loves us.  Like a parent, he is just waiting for us to figure it out and return to him.  Even though I’m not very good at sharing my faith in the real world, I can share it in writing.  I have an alive relationship with God, and want to shout about it to the world!  Amen.

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